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08th Aug 2011

Logo Design

Here’s a few logos I have designed:

05th Aug 2011

Super Lemonade Factory promo

01st Aug 2011
Mode iOS Word Cloud

Mode iOS Word Cloud

19th Jul 2011

Super Lemonade Character: Worker


19th Jul 2011


Apple Shampoo is playable on the Winnitron AU. Let’s hope the rest of the Winnitron family follow. My own Winnitron Syd is still in the works.

19th Jul 2011
Please Don’t Use Ads

Please Don’t Use Ads

An open letter to indie devs, While I have felt for a long time that mainstream media is a terrible beast that devours all in it’s path, nothing hits home...

11th Jul 2011

New Character: Army General

    by Elizabeth Docking by Alexander Van De Marten      

06th Jul 2011
Apple Shampoo Promo Art

Apple Shampoo: Promo Art

Apple Shampoo. You can still play the game! Art by kurimja.  

06th Jul 2011

Super Lemonade Factory Character Chef!

The Chef!   Fan art:   by Alexander Van De Marten   by Elizabeth Docking     by Elizabeth Docking by Elizabeth Docking    

05th Jul 2011

Super Lemonade Factory New Character

The Food Inspector.