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27th Jul 2012
Super Lemonade Factory releases source code

Super Lemonade Factory releases source code

The source code for Super Lemonade Factory is now available. Both iOS and AIR versions are available. Why? I’ve been heavily influenced to open this up by some of my...

12th Jul 2012
Old School Mode.

Old School Mode.

I’ve just released an update for Super Lemonade Factory which includes “Old School Mode.” 72 levels, 3 lives per character. First person to beat it on iOS wins an iControlPad....

27th May 2012
Pause bug is dead

Pause bug is dead

Hello. There has been a bug in Super Lemonade Factory that causes it to pause randomly. Let’s take a look at the issue. I previously added support for auto-orient for...

06th May 2012
IMG_0240 copy


I’m going to start giving this stuff away. I have no idea what criteria I’m going to use to choose the winners. If you want to get a head start...

02nd Apr 2012
Remix Time

Remix Time

Most of the music in Super Lemonade Factory was made by the ultra talented Easyname. Except for one track. The music track in the opening cutscenes that play before level...

10th Mar 2012

iCade and iControlPad Support for Super Lemonade Factory

Super Lemonade Factory will not support external controllers at launch. However, very shortly there will be an update allowing people to use iCade and iControlPad and similar devices. If you...

13th Feb 2012
Super Lemonade Factory competitions

Super Lemonade Factory competitions

We’re going to be giving away some Super Lemonade Factory related merchandise soon, and to pick winners we’re going to use this piece of Python code. If you can’t follow...

26th Jan 2012

Super Lemonade Factory

Super Lemonade Factory is close to being released. See what it’s all about on the new website. Keep up to date here on the blog. We’re going to be releasing...

24th Aug 2011
Flee Buster

Flee Buster

Flee Buster is Flash game by Chevy Ray. I played it for approximately an hour, which is approximately the amount of time I spent with BioShock before putting it on...

08th Aug 2011

Logo Design

Here’s a few logos I have designed: