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30th Aug 2014

Clue on DVD

29th Jul 2014
XNA Tweener Cheat Sheet

XNA Tweener Cheat Sheet

    Sprites are from Surt’s Race Or Die spritesheet available here:  

04th Jul 2014

Lemonade screenshot

Where it all started

20th Jun 2014

Super Lemonade Factory has been Greenlit, launches on Steam 9th July

Super Lemonade Factory has been Greenlit, and launches on Steam on the 9th of July, 2014. Our Steam page can be viewed here. Steam’s Greenlight program went through some teething...

06th May 2014

TMNT cards

16th Apr 2014
What MonoGame 3.2 means to Ouya games made with MonoGame

What MonoGame 3.2 means to Ouya games made with MonoGame

I’ve got a game on the Ouya called Revvolvver and it’s made with MonoGame. I was previously using MonoGame 3.0.1 and there were a few things that bugged me. The biggest was...

15th Apr 2014

Two new pixel platformers on the way.

For immediate release. The Four Chambers of the Human Heart is a pixel platformer headed for a kickstarter. We’re trying to get a hold of some of that sweet Ouya...

15th Apr 2014
OnePic browser based

The hardest part about making your own social network is getting people to sign up.

I recently took a break from making games and animating to hit the database rows and make my own social network. It’s called OnePic and you can sign up immediately....

11th Mar 2014

Minifigs Progress

24th Jan 2014

Liselot by bucketOfROBOTS

bucketOfROBOTS posted this awesome pencil sketch of Liselot from Super Lemonade Factory to Twitter.   Sometimes making games is its own reward. And other times, like this, the rewards are...