Latest news: The Gender Bustin' Collab is in full swing.

09th Nov 2013
Polygon shows us some love

Polygon shows us some love

Polygon shows us some love  

26th Sep 2013


13th Aug 2013

Gender Bustin’

Gender Bustin’ is over. Huge thank you to everyone who took part. Press on¬† If you’d like to talk to the organizer, please get in touch at initials [@]...

13th Aug 2013


FlxCaveGenerator is a great way of generating levels quickly. Eddie Lee wrote it first in ActionScript. Here it is in Python and in C#.

12th Aug 2013
2D Animation

2D Animation

I’m using Vine for 2D animation. Please Vine, add a feature to allow for a set number of frames per burst.  

11th Aug 2013

What We Do Is Secret

What we do is secret was a zine that was available in about 2005.

10th Aug 2013

Mandrake Magician

Mandrake the Magician seems to have been left behind in the recent spate of super hero films.

10th Aug 2013

Aquaman comic

Aquaman comic.

07th Aug 2013

Team Menace

I wass going to make a comic in high school with a friend. These were our main characters.

07th Aug 2013

Sonic 2 for Sega Master System

I wonder what would happen if you called that hints and tips hotline now.